Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Top 10 Baduk News In Korea

Korea Baduk Association and Baduk journalists released top 10 baduk news of Korea in 2008, which selected by journalists’ closed-election on December 18.
Here you go:
1. Lee Sedol has kept the first place of Korea for 14 consecutive monthsThis 25 years old player is for sure not losing his grip yet. He won 12th LG International Cup, the 12th Samsung Cup World Baduk Open and the 20th TV Asia Cup World Baduk Championship. Also he has reached the final of the 13th LG Cup, the 13th Samsung Cup as well as several domestic competitions such as the 36th Myoungin Title, the 52nd Kuksu Title and the 13th Chunwon Title, which are still in progress.

2. Kang Dongyun becomes ‘blue chip’ from ‘neo generation promising player’!
Kang Dongyun showed his best performance so far in 2008 by winning a gold medal at the 1st WorldMind Sports Games, beating 5 top players of Japan and China in a row at the 10th Nongshim Cup and matching against Lee Sedol 9P in the two different final stages, Myoungin and Chunwon.

3. Park Jieun becomes first-ever 9 dan as a Korean female player!

Park Jieun became the third woman so far to be 9p after she won 1st Won-Yang real estate Cup World Female Professional Baduk Championship. She also won bronze medal in Women's Individual Go tournament division in the 1st WMSG

4. Lee Changho gets out of the slump!

Lee Changho 9P seems recovered completely from the long slump last year. According to his side people, although he had a serious health problem last year, he has found himself healthier than ever by steady working out. Consequently Lee has reached the final of the 6th Ing Cup World Baduk Championship and the 7th Chunlan Cup International Baduk Championship.

5. Youngnam Daily has won Korea Baduk League 2 years in a raw!

Youngnam Daily has won 2008 Korea Baduk League by defeating Sinsung Construction 3-2 at the last stage of the best-three Play-off Championship. The members of Youngnam Daily team are followed; Director: Choi Gyu-Byoung 9P Players: Kim Jisuk 4P, Yoon Junsang 7P, Kang Yutaek 2P, Cho Hyeyeon 8P, Heo Youngho 6P, Kim Hyoungwoo 3P.

6. Cho Hunhyun keeps making new records!

Cho Hunhyun 9P increased the record of a number of matches, with total of 2517 official games so far from 1962.

7. Hong Sungji gets his first title!

Hong Sungji 7P has gotten his very first title by beating Lee Sedol 9P at the final round of the 4th Korean Price Information Cup.

8. D.P.R Korean Baduk's excellent record!

D.P.R Korean Baduk surprised the world at the 1st World Mind Sports Games by winning a gold medal in the open division and beating Umezawa 5P of Japan and Park Jiyeon 1P from Korea.

9. Lee Minjin leads Korean team to win the 6th Jeongkwanjang Cup!

Lee Minjin 5P has defeated all 3 remained players of Japan and China and led the Korean team to win the Jeongkwanjang Cup 2 years in a row.

10. Lee Sedol and Cho Hanseung’s donation for Sichuan

The finalists of the 20th TV Asian Cup, Lee Sedol and Cho Hanseung decided to donate their all prize money of the first place and the second place to Sichuan, China for discovering from the earthquake, before playing the final match.


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