Thursday, January 15, 2009

Japan's Trouble

Japan team in the 7th Jeongganjang Cup is in trouble. After losing Aoki Kikuyo, they lost another player in this second stage.Suzuki Ayumi (4 dan) lost to Park Jieun (9 dan).

Park Jieun played a very good game against Suzuki Ayumi. The game was hard for Suzuki. She was put under pressure with a weak group in the upper left board.Park was able to take advantage of it with several moves, like move 68 which allowed her to take territory in the left and move 74 which put more pressure to Suzuki's group and eliminating black's potential in the bottom board.

Suzuki Ayumi (B) vs. Park Jieun (W), game up to move 70

Suzuki Ayumi resigned the game at move 144.
With this, Japan is down to their last player Umezawa Yukari (5 dan) the current Female Kisei. She will play against the winner between Park Jieun and Li He.The Japanese Jeongganjang team is under the same position with their Nongshim team. Down to last player with no win before.Takao Shinji Judan did save Japan team, beating Kang Dongyun and closing the second stage, but it might be hard for Umezawa Yukari to win this time.

But everything is possible in go, so let's rooting in the last match of the second stage.