Saturday, August 30, 2008

Toyota&Denso Cup, Down To 4

The third round of Toyota & Denso Cup has been played. Only 4 players left in the semi-final.

Xie He (W) from China beat Lee Sedol by 2.5 points

Piao Wenyao (B) from China beat Mok Jinseok by resignation

Cho U (B) from Japan beat Liu Xing from China by resignation

Gu Li (B) from China beat Cho Hanseung from Korea by 2,5 points

I'm quite surprised by Piao Wenyao's victory. I thought Mok Jinseok would won from him.
I actually thought that Lee Sedol would won, but I'm not surprised by Xie He's victory. Xie has a nice score in international tournament.

Cho U's game is the most impressive for me. He killed a group that I thought can't be killed. He is very good at Life & Death!

In the semi-final, Xie He will play against Piao Wenyao and Cho U will play against Gu Li

.It's very hard to predict who will win. Piao Wenyao is very good during this cup, but Xie He is a very good player. Gu Li is one of China's strongest player, but so is Cho U. Cho U is one of Japan's strongest player. Cho U is very good at invading and attacking, while Cho U is very good at Life & Death, especially at killing group. Cho U and Gu Li have met 2 times before, with the score 1-1.

The semi-final will be interesting.