Thursday, August 7, 2008

Iyama Yuta and Cho U

Recently, there is a rivalry in Japanese go world. It’s between the 5 titles holder (Meijin,Gosei,Agon,Ryusei, and NHK), Cho U (photo at the left) and the new rising star Iyama Yuta (Title holder of Shinjin O and Daiwa Cup Grand Champion).

Iyama Yuta (photo at the right) who recently promoted to 8-dan, due to his position as this year Meijin challenger, will play a best of 7 matches against Cho U. The first game will be played in Aomori, 09-04, 05.

Up to now, They have met 6 times with 5-1 score for Cho.

Let’s take a look at their rivalry.
Both will play in final of Oza to determine who will challenge Yamashita Keigo for the title.

Both of them are leading in the 33rd Kisei tournament, Iyama at League A with 2-0 (along with Takao Shinji) and Cho at League B, also with 2-0 (the only one in League B), but of course it would be too fast if I predict both of them will play for the Challenger Decision Match.

They met at the first round of 15th Agon Cup, with Cho U’s victory (B+0.5)

If both of them win their first round at Ryusei cup and NEC cup, they will play each other at second round (Iyama will play Takao Shinji at Ryusei and Kono Rin at NEC and Cho will play Kanda Ei at Ryusei and Ko Iso at NEC ).

They met at third round of 55th NHK cup. Cho win the game by 3.5 points.

They met at the final of the 1st Daiwa Cup Grand Champion. Iyama won the match along with the title by resignation.

As I mentioned before, Iyama will challenge Cho for his Meijin title. First match will be played in September.

Until August 2008, Iyama is at the top of Japanese ranking with 35 wins and 10 loss, with 78% winning rate. Cho comes second with 26 wins and 6 loss, with 81% winning rate.

I hope they will play until the 7th round at Meijin title. It would be interesting ;p