Saturday, August 30, 2008

Toyota&Denso Cup, China Rulez

The Semi-final of Toyota&Denso Cup has been played. This time, China will 100% get the title,

because both players in the final are Chinese.

Xie He from China was beaten by his country pal, Piao Wenyao

Cho U from Japan, who was runner-up last year, was beaten by Gu Li from China

I'm quite surprised to see Piao Wenyao in the final. Now I think he has a very big chance to win this tournament. He beat Ogata Masaki, Lee Changho, Mok Jinseok, and Xie He. A great achievement.

But his opponent in the final is not easy. Gu Li is a very strong player. He beat Hikosaka Naoto, Park Yeonghun, Cho Hanseung, and Cho U during this tournament.
The best 3 matches will be played to decide who will be the winner