Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4th Toyota & Denso Cup, Round 2

The second round of Toyota & Denso Cup has been played and the best 8 has been chosen.
Cho U (B) from Japan won against Alexander Dinerchtein from Europe by 23. 5 points (!)

Piao Wenyao (W) from China won against Lee Changho from Korea by resignation

Lee Sedol (B) from Korea won against Imamura Toshiya from Japan by 1.5 points

Liu Xing (B) from China won against Han Sanghoon from Korea by 6.5 points

Gu Li (W) from China beat Park Yeonghun from Korea by resignation

Cho Hanseung (W) from Korea won against Takao Shinji from Japan by resignation

Xie He (B) from China won against Park Chongsang from Korea by 4.5 points

Mok Jinseok (W) from Korea won against Zhou Junxun from Taiwan by resignation

Japan still has Cho U hanging on in the third round. China has 4 players in the third round, while Korea still has 3 players in the third round. Both representative from Europe and Taiwan have been eliminated.

Here is the pairing for the third round:
Xie He vs. Lee Sedol
Cho U vs. Liu Xing
Mok Jinseok vs. Piao Wenyao
Gu Li vs. Cho Hanseung

My prediction for the top 4:
1. Lee Sedol
2. Cho U
3. Mok Jinseok
4. Gu Li

I wonder whether Cho U will be in the final like last year or not. I’ll wait.