Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4th Toyota&Denso Cup

The first match of 4th Toyota & Denso Cup has been played. There were 16 matches at the first round.

Lee Sedol (W) from Korea won against Kono Rin from Japan by resignation

Imamura Toshiya (W) from Japan won against Christian Pop from Romania by resignation

Mok Jinseok (W) from China won against Hane Naoki from Japan by resignation

Zhou Junxun (B) from Taiwan won against Yoda Norimoto from Japan by 0.5 point
Piao Wenyao (W) from China won against Ogata Masaki from Japan by resignation

Lee Changho (B) from Korea won against Fernando Aguilar from S. America by resignation

Gu Li (B) from China won against Hikosaka Naoto from Japan by resignation

Park Yeonghun (W) from Korea won against Kim Sujun from Japan by 5.5 points

Cho U (W) from Japan won against Jiang Mingjiu from North America by 6.5 points

Alexander Dinerchtein (W) from Europe won against Li Jie from North America by resignation

Takao Shinji (W) from Japan won against Yang Shihai from Hongkong by 1.5 points

Cho Hanseung (W) from Korea won against Yamashita Keigo from Japan by 7.5 points

Xie He (W) from China won against Ilya Shikshin from Europe by resignation

Park Jungsang (B) from Korea won against Chang Hao from China by 4.5 points

Liu Xing (B) from China won against Hong Sungji from Korea by 1.5 points

Han Sanghoon (B) from Korea won against Yamada Kimio from Japan by 1.5 points

China sent 5 players, 4 players made it to the next round. Korea sent 8 players, 7 players made it to the next round. Japan sent 11 players and only 3 players made it to the next round. The only Taiwan player made it to the next round. Europe still has one player in the second round, while all American players have been eliminated.

I think the most interesting game was Alexander Dinerchtein's game.There was a big capturing race in the center and was won by him.