Sunday, March 14, 2010

Korea Stole the Title from China Again!

It was settled! Korea is the champion of the 11th Nongshim Cup!

It must be very disappointing for China, since they were doing very well, yet they can't win the title.

Lee Changho

Let's review the tournament from the first stage. Kim Jiseok of Korea was the star of the first round. He won the first three games (thus winning the consecutive prize money), before losing to Xie He of China in the fourth game.

When the tournament was continued in January, the spot light went to Xie He who won 4 consecutive games before losing to Japan's Honinbo, Hane Naoki. Hane Naoki then closed the second stage by beating Park Yeonghun in the tenth game.

The third stage was started at March 9. Liu Xing of China helped China team to strengthen their grip on the tournament. However, Lee Changho played all out and won the last three games from Liu Xing, Gu Li, and Chang Hao. It was such a drama this year!

I can understand how disappointed China team is.

Download the game: Lee Changho vs. Chang Hao

Why I said again in the title? Because the same thing also happened in the Jeongganjang Cup. When the third stage started at Jeongganjang Cup, China still has three members, while Japan and Korea only had one each. However, Park Jieun won all 4 games, thus winning the championship for Korea.

Signing an autograph. I want one too. Hehehehehe.

I must say that the two tournaments were very interesting this year.