Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8th Chunlan Cup

The 8th series of the international tournament hosted by China was started in March 27. 24 players from China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and America compete to be number one.

Press conference

Chunlan company's Vice President

Zhongguo Qiyuan's president.

Here is the result of the first round:
Heo Yeongho (7 dan) of Korea beat Yoda Norimoto (9 dan) of Japan by 6.5 points.
Choi Cheolhan (9 dan) of Korea beat Hu Yaoyu (8 dan) of China by 0.5 points
Lee Sedol (9 dan) of Korea beat Zhou Junxun (9 dan) of Taiwan by resignation.
Yuki Satoshi (9 dan) of Japan beat Lin Zhihan (8 dan) of Taiwan by resignation.
Iyama Yuta(9 dan) of Japan beat Csaba Mero (6 dan amateur) of Europe by resignation.
Cho Chikun (9 dan) of Japan beat Kang Dongyun (9 dan) of Korea by resignation.
Yamashita Keigo (9 dan) of Japan beat Chen Yaoye (9 dan) of China by resignation.
Gu Lingyi (5 dan) of China beat Jiang Mingjiu (7 dan) of North America by resignation.

Japan did pretty well in round one, as 4 from 5 representatives managed to the second round. I'm very surprised by Cho Chikun's result, since Cho didn't show good performance recently in domestic tournaments.

The game between Iyama and Csaba was hard for Csaba. I don't think Csaba stood a chance in the game.

The game between Lee Sedol and Zhou Junxun is also interesting. Lee showed quite a skill in that game.