Friday, March 12, 2010

China or Korea

The 11th Nongshim Cup is down to the climax part! Only two countries left with only one player representing each.

The 14th game is down to China's captain, Chang Hao vs. Korea's captain, Lee Changho.

The third stage was started in March 9. The first game was between Hane Naoki from Japan and Liu Xing of China. Hane lost the game by 5.5 points, thus eliminating Japan's hope to win the tournament, as their last player was eliminated.

Liu Xing (left) vs. Hane Naoki (right)

Download the game: Liu Xing vs. Hane Naoki

The next day, the last player of Korea, Lee Changho played Liu Xing. China was on the advantage side, since they still had three players. Liu Xing, Gu Li, and Chang Hao. If Liu won this game, China will once again triumph in this championship.

However, Lee pulled quite a game and saved Korea from losing by beating Liu Xing by resignation.

Liu Xing (left) vs. Lee Changho (right)

Download the game: Lee Changho vs. Liu Xing

The next player from China was the grand slam, Gu Li. It was interesting to wonder the outcome, since Gu Li's playing style is very aggressive, while Lee's is calm (though he seems to change a little nowadays).

Lee Changho once again played very well and won the game by resignation.

Download the game record: Lee Changho vs. Gu Li

Today, the last game is played. Who will be the winner? China or Korea?