Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iyama Yuta: The Next Honinbo Challenger?

The 65th Honinbo league is heating up with only one game left to go. So far, Iyama Yuta Meijin leads the league with 5-1.

Yamashita Keigo will decide his position today in a game against Takemiya Masaki. Yamashita currently at 4-1 position. If he win today's game, he will be at the same 5-1 position, thus gain the lead at the league, since his previous year's rank is better than Iyama.

Iyama Yuta

Yamashita Keigo

Takao Shinji is third with 4-2 position. He suffered two loses from Iyama Yuta and Cho U who recently won Kisei title and is fighting for his Judan title.

Takao Shinji

Three players are declared demoted already. They are Yuki Satoshi, Mimura Tomoyasu, and sadly, Takemiya Masaki who surprised everyone when he made to the league last year.

The last player to be demoted is the loser between Yamada Kimio and Cho U's match. Yamada is a 2-4 position, while Cho is at 3-3. If Yamada Kimio win his game, their position will be the same, at 3-4, but Yamada is ranked number 2, while Cho is ranked 4. Cho has a better record against Yamada. He beat Yamada 3-0 in the 57th Oza.

All the remaining game will be played in April.

Here is the pairing for the last round:
Takao Shinji vs. Mimura Tomoyasu
Yamada Kimio v Cho U
Yamashita Keigo vs. Yuki Satoshi
Iyama yuta vs. Takemiya Masaki