Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rui Naiwei vs. Cho Hyeyeon Again!

It seems that this two long time rival still want to fight each other. After their previous meeting in the 11th Female Myeongin, Rui Naiwei and Cho Hyeyeon will meet each other again in the final of the 15th Female Kuksu. Rui won her final seat earlier in February 2 by beating Lee Minjin, while Cho won her seat later, by beating Park Jiyeon by a small 1.5 margin.

Rui is the record holder for this tournament, since she won 6 out of 14 times this tournament being held, while Cho holds the record for being the most runner-up with 4 times record.

They have met each other in the final of Female Kuksu for 5 times before, with Rui won 4 of them. Let see whether Cho can take revenge of her previous lost in the Female Myeongin or not.