Saturday, February 20, 2010

Game Review (2) Break the Streak

It's been awhile since the last time I wrote about my game review (the last time it was August 2009), so since I got time to write about it, I'll post it now.

Recently I'm in a really nasty losing streak. This is the first game I won in a while.

Black:TigerBaduk(1k) White:Biondy(1k)

Move 1-50

Move 7 : It's more usual to play at C6, but I think this move is fine.
Move 11: I usually play the hiraki at thia position. Keeping the B4-C3 exchange in reserve.
Move 32: I think it's too heavy to directly connect the group, so I decided to jump to the center. Even if black cut at L17, I think I can still play for influence in the center, using these stones and my right side (but I'm not sure though)
Move 38: The last big point I think...
Move 43: All right. Game on!

Move 51-100

Move 80: I want to strenghten my group here. I'm not sure this is a good move for it.
Move 86: I should cross cut here.
Move 97: Up to here, I'm not satisfied with the result in the right side.

Move 101-150

Move 101: A good move, however the follow up is a mistake I think.
Move 103: Should extend to K11
Move 124: The result is good for me.
Move 140: I was too greedy here. Should just simply connect at K7

Move 151-200

Move 151: The proper choice. Black can't cut at O8, due to the follow up (WP7, BQ7,WQ8)
Move 185: I think black will still alive even if he decided to save the two stones. I think I'll lose the game if black decide to save the two stones.

Move 201-250
The rest is a simple endgame. Nothing tricky at the end game.

Move 251-300
White won the game by 6.5 points at move 301.