Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Promotion

Here is the list of promoted players so far (February 2010)

Promotion based on the most money prize won last year (One top 6 dan and top 2 from 1 dan to 5 dan)
* Son Hideyo to 5 dan (Kansai Ki-in 2010-01-01)
* Shinji Suzuki to 2 dan
* Ida Atsushi to 2 dan
* Shiraishi Yuichi to 3 dan
* Ohashi Naruya to 3 dan
* Uchida Shuhei to 4 dan
* Mukai Chiaki to 4 dan
* Xie Yimin to 5 dan
* Suzuki Ayumi to 5 dan
* Mitani Tetsuya to 6 dan
* Yamamori Tadanao to 6 dan
* Shuto Shun to 7 dan

Based on cummulative victory:
* Suzuki Yoshimichi to 7 dan
* Tominaga Takeshi to 4 dan

Ida Atsushi started his career in 2009 and finished 18-5 last year, with 8 streak victory. Perhaps he will be one of the elite Japanese player in the future.

Ida Atsushi

Xie Yimin deserved the promotion, because she is currently the female grand slam, after winning Female Kisei title. She currently holds Female Meijin, Female Kisei, and Femle Honinbo, along with Daiwa Ladies Cup. An amazing achievement!!

Xie Yimin

Mukai Chiaki recently showed a good result. She won from ex Tengen title holder, Kudo Norio in Oza final preliminary. She will play Imamura Toshiya to decide who will advance to the main round of Oza. She will play Xie Yimin for Xie's Female Meijin. As of February 12, she is tied for second place in Japan by 4-0 result.

Mukai Chiaki

There are also several players who got their pro status. The most famous is Fujisawa Rina, the daughter of Fujisawa Kazunari. She passed the pro exam in 2010 when she was at grade 5 elementary school. She will be inaugurated at April 1st 2010, and at that time she will be 11 years and 6 months old, making her the youngest person in Japan to do so (surpassing Cho Chikun who became a pro when he was 11 years 9 months old). She learnt Go at the age of 6 and progressed under the tutelage of Hong Malgunsem (who last year became professional 1 dan at Kansai Kiin).

Fujisawa Rina

There is an article about her, here. (already a dead link)

Another female who got her pro status is Li Ting. Li was born in Beijing, but currently she lives in Austria with her husband. She is one of the top female European player. Li Ting is the second foreign player of Kansai Kiin.

Li Ting

Some other names who turned pro are Takeuchi Kosuke (open qualification tournament) and Tsuruta Kazushi (Chubu branch)