Friday, February 5, 2010

Internet Trouble

As for the several last days, I'm having internet connection trouble. So many things happened at the go world, yet I can't cover or even see the kifu of it :(

Yamashita Keigo is facing kadoban to defend his Kisei title, as Cho U won the first three games.

Korea won the Jeongganjang Cup. Though China started great, Park swept the last stage by winning all the game. She surely showed why she got the 9p rank.

The second round of 2nd BCCard Cup is moving with Lee Sedol won his second round, Han Taehee lost his games very quickly to An joyeong (I've covered this before), and Japan is down to their last representative, Iyama Yuta. Let see what will happen next.

I hope the connection will be fixed soon :( I don't want to go to internet cafe every time I want to write in the blog or searching materials to write