Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gu Lingyi to Challenge Gu Li for Mingren Title

This year, Gu Li, the Mingren title holder, will be challenged by 20 years old Chinese promising young player, Gu Lingyi.

Gu Lingyi is Chinese 5-dan professional. Born at July 3, 1991. He is the winner of South-West Qiwang championship for three consecutive years, from 2007 to 2009. An interesting fact is that he beat Gu Li in the final of the 8th South-West Qiwang (2009) to won the championship.

Gu Lingyi

Gu Li is the famous Chinese player. Many consider him as number 1 player in the world. He hold 5 international title in 2009 after he won the 1st BCCard Cup. He is well known among go fans for his aggressive playing style. Gu Li has been the title holder of Mingren for 5 years. Starting from 2004 when he stole it from Qiu Jun. Last year many expected Piao Wenyao (5 dan) to won the title from him, after Piao won the first 2 games, but Gu Li fought back and won the last three games.

Gu Li

Mingren is the Chinese Meijin title (it shares the same letters). First held was in 1988. Ma Xiaochun is famous for this title since he is the title holder for 13 consecutive years.

The first game's date is yet unknown, but I think it will be at the end of November or in early December.