Monday, November 2, 2009

11th Nongshim Cup

The 11th Nongshim Cup is scheduled to be started at the end of November. Starting from November 25, three groups, from China, Japan, and Korea will fight each other to win this championship.

Nongshim Cup is a tournament with win and continue format. The same format with Jeongganjang Cup. The tournament is divided into 3 stages, with stage 1 to be played from Nocember 25 to November 28.

Each team consists of 5 players. Here is the list of the team members:
Chang Hao(9d), Ding Wei(9d), Gu Li(9d), Xie He(7d), Liu Xing(7d)

Hane Naoki(9d), Takao Shinji(9d), Yamashita Keigo(9d), Yamada Kimio(9d), Iyama Yuta(9d)

Lee Changho(9d), Park Yeonghun(9d), Yun Junsang(7d), Kim Jiseok(6d), Kim Seongjae(3d)

The Japan team doesn't change very much. Kono Rin is changed with Iyama Yuta. The rest is exactly the same member as last year's. I personally prefer to put Yoda Norimoto instead of Yamada Kimio, but.. oh well.
China team still seed Chang Hao and Gu Li, while the other three members were chosen through preliminaries.
Korea team is the one with the most changes. With Lee Sedol' temporary retirement, only Lee Changho seeded as the team member (and as the captain I believe), while the other 4 were chosen through preliminaries.

Nongshim is an instant noodle company. I've tried their product once and I think it was pretty delicious, but it's very expensive here, since it is imported.