Friday, November 28, 2008

Tuo Jiaxi Stopped! Kang Dongyun Rocks the Second Stage

The second stage of Nongshim Cup had started. In the first stage, teenager Tuo Jiaxi from China met Kang Dongyun 9p from Korea. Tuo Started very well for China in the first stage with beating 4 players, but unfortunately he can't do the same in the second round.

Kang Dongyun, 9p

In the first round, Kang Dongyun from Korea who won the gold medal in the 1st WMSG defeated Tuo Jiaxi from China by 1.5 points. I think Kang Dongyun won the game during the endstage. His peep at move 163 eliminated white's potential in the upper side. After 303 moves, black won by 1.5 points

Tuo Jiaxi (W) vs. Kang Dongyun (B), up to move 61

In the second round, Kang Dongyun met "King of cool" Yamada Kimio from Japan. Taking black, Kang played the same opening as his previous game. I think Yamada Kimio's opening is somewhat slow. He tried to gain moyo in the left side, but failed, and then he tried to control the center, but failed again. After 157 moves, Yamada Kimio resigned. The territories gap was too big.

Yamada Kimio (W) vs. Kang Dongyun (B), up to move 58

In the third round, Kang Dongyun played Piao Wenyao from China. A ko fight was started in the right side at move 74, as Kang tried to gain some advantages in the right side.After 283 moves, black won by 2.5 points. White was only able to control the upper board, but it's not enough to chased black's territory.

Piao Wenyao (W) vs. Kang Dongyun (B) up to move 63

In the fourth round, Kang Dongyun met the current Honinbo title holder, Hane Naoki. The game was interesting. Playing as white, Hane Naoki played an opening to created moyo in the bottom board. When Kang invaded with move 25, Hane chased the group, but black made it to live with move 81. Hane Naoki resigned at move 199, I think black led around 12 points on the board.
Hane Naoki (W) vs. Kang Dongyun (B), up to move 63

With this, Japan down to their last player, Takao Shinji. I think the task is too hard for Takao sensei to win this cup for Japan. Korea and China each has 3 players. The second stage is not end yet. Kang Dongyun met Qiu Jun from China next.