Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cho U Leads The Tengen-sen

After defeated Kono Rin in the first 34th Tengen title match, Cho U won the second match again.

Taking black, Cho U beat Kono Rin by resignation in 151 moves.

Cho U played a solid game. He created a big moyo in the right side after Kono decided to jump into the corner.

Cho U (W) vs. Kono Rin (B), up to move 58

Kono resigned after his early invading group was killed by Cho U.

I think Kono's move at move 38 is rather funny. It created double atari in his shape. Perhaps Kono thought
that it's ok, but later it really backfired him.

Cho U recently has a pretty impressive record. He defended his Meijin title against Iyama Yuta, he took the lead
in Oza-sen against Yamashita Keigo, the title holder, and now he took the lead from Kono Rin in the Tengen-sen

I wonder if Kono can defend his title this year with this bad start. The third game will be played in December 4.