Friday, November 14, 2008

7th Jeongganjang Cup Starts!

The 7th Jeongganjang cup has been started. Jeongganjang is atournament sponsored by Jeongganjang Co. It's a knockout women team competition (similiar to Nongshim cup).
There are 3 countries, China, Korea, and Japan.

Here's the players' list:
China: Zheng Yan(2d), Tang Yi(2d), Li He(1d), Wang Xiangyun(1d), Song Ronghui(1d)
Korea:Park Jieun(9d), Kim Hyeoimin(5d), Lee Minjin(5d), Lee Daehyeoi(3d), Lee Hajin(3d)
Japan: Aoki Kikuyo(8d), Kato Keiko(6d), Umezawa Yukari(5d), Mannami Kana(4d), Suzuki Ayumi(4d)

The first match has been played. It was between Lee Daehyeoi(W) vs. Song Ronghui (B), won by Song Ronghui by 5.5 points.

Lee daehyeoi (Left) vs. Song Ronghui (right)

The game was interesting. The joseki sequence in the left upper corner is interesting. I rarely see it. Black played a good game. I think black won the game when she eliminated white potential moyo in the center.

Song Ronghui (B) vs. Lee Daehyeoi (W), up to move 67, B+5.5

Song Ronghui is a good young female player. She won the gold medal for China in the 1st World Mind Sports Games in Individual Women category. She was also China's team member in the 6th Jeongganjang Cup, but she lost to Aoki Kikuyo from Japan.

I wonder if she can gain another win against Japan's first player, following his country pal, Tuo Jiaxi's 4 straight wins in the Nongshim Cup.