Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three Concecutive Wins!

After beating the former Female Meijin title holder in the second game, the sixteen years old Song Ronghui from Chinascored another win for China's team in 7th Jeongganjang Cup by beating Lee Hajin, 3p from Korea.
Song Ronghui (left) vs. Lee Hajin (right)

Taking black in this game, Song Ronghui won the game by 4.5 points.

Looking at black 13, I think this move is a new trend (well, not really new I think). Instead of attacking with R8,the old fashion was attacking with R12. Based on "Get Strong At Attacking", R8 is wrong, because it makes black's positionon the top right corner becomes thin.

Lee Hajin (W) vs. Song Ronghui (B), up to move 57

White's yose was pretty good, but it was not enough to chased black's lead.