Friday, February 3, 2012

Wang Chenxing Won Game 2

After a successful first round, Yoshida Mika played Wang Chenxing of China at the second day of the 2nd Huanglongshi Cup. Yoshida Mika played black while Wang Chenxing played white.

Yoshida who chose influence strategy at the previous game went for a territory strategy this time. She abandoned white 18 in order to play black 19. Wang got a strong ponuki at the center, while Yoshida got the corner.
Wang Chenxing (left) vs. Yoshida Mika (right)
Black tried to save the bottom left stones with black 25. White's answer was very good as it kept black under pressure and made a good use of white's thickness. However, Yoshida got to play black 41 and made a potentially huge corner.While black's position looked good, it had a lot of holes and white utilized it well with moves like white 52 and 54, leaving black with an awkward position at the top board.

The game came to white's favor and Yoshida Mika gambled it all with black 133. Wang carefully took care of the gamble and soon Yoshida resigned after her gambling group failed to live.

Wang Chenxing will play one of Korea's member at the third game

Yoshida Mika during the game's analysis
Here is the game record:
Wang Chenxing (white) vs. Yoshida Mika (black). Result: W+R

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]GN[Rated game]EV[2nd Huanglongshi Cup, game 2]
DT[2012-02-02]PB[Yosida Mika ]BR[8p]PW[Wang Chenxing]WR[2p]KM[7.5]HA[0]RE[W+R]MULTIGOGM[1]