Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yamashita Keigo Challenges Meijin

The 36th Meijin finally reached its title matches. After 8 months of league games, Yamashita Keigo and Hane Naoki became the top scorer, both with 6 wins and 2 loses. Therefore, a game was played to decide the challenger.

Yamashita Keigo (left) vs. Hane Naoki

At the league, Hane won over Yamashita by 6.5 points. However, Yamashita won this time and won the right to challenge Iyama Yuta Meijin. This is the second time Yamashita become challenger for the Meijin. Previously he became challenger in 2003, but lost to Yoda Norimoto by 4-1.

Yamashita Keigo has a blast this year. Defended his Honinbo and now is chasing the Meijin.

Here I present you the league game where Hane beat Yamashita. Unfortunately, I can't find the play off's game. I will post it as soon as I find it.

Hane Naoki stayed in the league for the first time after 10 years.

Vote who do you think will become the 36th Meijin below:
Who do you think will become the 36th Meijin?
Iyama Yuta
Yamashita Keigo
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Final standing of the league:
1. Yamashita Keigo 6-2
2. Hane Naoki 6-2
3. Takao Shinji 5-3
4. Cho U 5-3
5. Yuki Satoshi 5-3
6. Mizokami Tomochika 3-5
7. Rin Kanketsu 3-5 (Demoted)
8. Sakai Hideyuki 2-6 (Demoted)
9. Cho Chikun 1-7 (Demoted)

Here is the league game:
Hane Naoki (black) vs. Yamashita Keigo. Result: B+6.5

EV[36th Meijin league]
PW[Yamashita Keigo]
PB[Hane Naoki]