Friday, July 1, 2011

Hane Strikes Back

Hane failed to take the lead at Gosei, but he didn't miss his chance to win the fifth game of the 66th Honinbo title match.

Hane Naoki (left) vs. Yamashita Keigo (black)

Hane who got black at the fifth game played a territory oriented strategy. He took a big corner at the upper right, leaving his weak group at the left side. Day 1 ended with Hane did the sealing move for black 65.

Hane gave his sealed move to the referee

Day 2 focused at the battle on the right center. Hane settled the group and turned his sword at white's upper left corner. Hane found the correct moves to kill white's corner and won the game by resignation after 191 moves.

With this victory, Hane is one step closer to his second fight back. Will Hane bring Yamashita down once again? Or will Yamashita put an end at Hane's fight? The sixth game will be played at July 13-14.

Yamashita only need 1 win to defense his title. Will he make it?

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Here is the game record:
Hane Naoki (black) vs. Yamashita Keigo (white). Resu;t: B+R

EV[66th Honinbo title match 5]
PB[Hane Naoki]
PW[Yamashita Keigo]