Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tsumego (3): The Answer

Here is the answer for tsumego(3)

White plays 1 first. Black for sure must play with 2. White 3 is the living tesuji here. Black plays 4 to help his two stones.

Black can't atari from the other side at 4.

White will play 2 if black plays A2. After the sequence, white lives easily without any complication.

Back to the first diagram, after 5 and 6, white 7 is the living move for white. Black block with 8 and white plays hane at 9, and black will capture with 10. White forces black to connect with 11 to establish her eye. The sequence goes from 13-15 and white lives.

How if black play B4 instead of A1? White will still alive with the same way.

What if black doesn't connect and cut at B7 instead? White will still alive through the sequence below