Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hane Naoki Took the Lead

The 64th Honinbo sen has started. The first title match has been played at May 13-14.

In this game, Hane Naoki, Honinbo played as white, while Takao Shinji the challenger played as black.

The game started with black played an unusual mini-chinese fuseki.
Up to move 31, black has a strong influence in the right side,
while white solidly taking the corner.

Board position up to move 56

In his blog, Takao Shinji think, at move 31, black should played
N16 first, before attacking white's group by playing a keima.

First variation

I think the variation Takao Shinji gave is better than the actual game.

Second variation

In the actual game, black got trouble with saving his cutting
stone, eventhough Takao Shinji successfully saved his group at move 111.

Takao Shinji did the fujite for move 65.

During the yose, black tried to play a ko fight in the bottom
board. However, this is a mistake. Black should calmly played N1 to
gained sente.

A calmer yose

In the end, Hane Naoki won by 2.5 points.

The next game will be played 2 weeks from now.