Friday, May 8, 2009

Fujisawa Shuko Passed Away at the Age of 84

The Honorary Kisei, Fujisawa Shuko (whose name originally was Tamotsu, but he changed it to Hideyuki, which may also be pronounced Shuko) has passed away on May 8 at Tokyo Hospital because of pneumonia.

Fujisawa Shuko was born in Yokohama,Japan. He was known as one of the "three crows" along with Toshiro Yamabe and Suzuki Keizo.

Fujisawa turned pro in 1940 and it took him a while to get on top. He need 23 years to reach 9 dan, he started a title run in the early 60's, 70's, and 80's. He would win his first major title in 1962, the Meijin. He then won two Asahi Pro Best Ten titles in 1965 and 1968. He won his second major title, the Oza, of which he would hold for three consecutive years from 1967 to 1969. The same year that he lost the Oza, he would win the NHK Cup. The Meijin title was Fujisawa's again when he won it in 1970. He then went on a dry streak of titles. By 1976, he won his first title since the Meijin in 1970. The Tengen was that title.

Fujisawa Shuko is best known for his successfully Kisei defend. He won the 1st Kisei tournament, back in 1976 and defended it for six concecutive years. For his achievement, Nihon Kiin awarded the Honorary Kisei for him.

Other than Kisei, he also made a big surprise when he won the title Oza in the age of 67 and held it for two years. He set a new record for the oldest player to defend a title. A record which is still unbreakable today.

Besides Go, he is known as a successful real estate dealer. He's also known for his calligraphy and has had several exhibits of his works. Fujisawa has a reputation for drinking and gambling.

Several books by him:
* Fujisawa Tesuji Dictionary

* The Nadare Joseki (Go Super Books #1)
* Reducing Territorial Frameworks
* Shuko The Only Move
* Fujisawa Shuko Weiqi Classroom
* The Creations of Shuko (Japanese and Chinese only)
* The Perceptions of Shuko (Japanese and Chinese only)
* The World of Shuko (Japanese and Chinese only)

Fujisawa Shuko's pupils:
* Abe Yoshiteru
* Mimura Tomoyasu
* Kurahashi Masayuki
* Fujisawa Kazunari
* Amano Masafumi
* Takao Shinji
* Nakazawa Ayako


digikid said...

siapa tuh? gak kenal? Ranknya berapa? ~_~

Biondy said...

saya g heran sih. klw kamu g tau..
terakhir dy pegang gelar aja kurang lebh 17 thn yg lalu..

tentu saja Fujisawa Shuko telah mencapai 9dan. mengingat banyaknya gelar yg telah dipegangnya.