Monday, April 6, 2009

The Return of the Honinbo?

Takao Shinji, the current Judan, got the right to challenge Hane Naoki, Honinbo after he won the 64th Honinbo League with 6-1 score. Takao Shinji almost won the league with perfect score. He won 6 concecutive matches in the league, before losing to Yamada Kimio (who came second in the league with 5-2 score) in the last game. Four people are demoted from the league. The three are Yoda Norimoto, Kataoka Satoshi,and Nakanaoda Tomomi, while Cho U and So Yokoku must play each other again, to determine who will be demoted from the league.

Hane took the title from Takao last year after winning 4 last matches. Hane lost the first 3 matches last year.

The first game's date has not been released yet. But I expect it to be played in May.