Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Only 2 Japanese Left In the Second Round of the 22nd Fujitsu Cup

After a big success at the first round, Japan's position suddenly
fell in te second round of the 22nd Fujitsu Cup.

The current Japanese Honinbo, Hane Naoki met with Chang Hao from
China. The game went into a big semeai in the center, starting from
Chang Hao invasion in move 27. However, Hane's group was cut at
move 101 and 105. Hane Naoki resigned at move 129 after Chang Hao
played a tesuji to kill white's group in the bottom.

Cho U the current five titles holder from Japanese met Lee Sedol
the current Korean #1 player.

The game started with both players claiming each side. The first battle came from the left bottom corner. Lee Sedol successfully captured white's group and alive in
the corner. Cho U made a mistake with playing hane at move 206
which allowed black to capture one of his group which was a great
loss from Cho U. Cho U resigned at move 207, however I think it's
hard for Cho U to won the game (though there's little chance,
depend on the yose).

Kang Dongyun from Korea met Iyama Yuta from Japan in the second

Iyama started the game with creating moyo in the top side.
He carefully attacked white's invading grup and got a promising
moyo in the bottom up to move 51. However, Iyama didn't reply
Kang's sansan invasion to won a ko fight and ended up with a broken
moyo. Iyama resigned after he lost out the center and the upper let
board at move 156.

Moriyama Naoki met 4th Toyota&Denso finalist, Piao Wenyao. It seems
that Moriyama Naoki is an influence-type player, based on his first
game and the second game. He chose an influence joseki in the
bottom. A big exchange was played at move 66-67. Moriyama
sacrificed his three stones to capture took territory in the upper
board. I personally think it was a good decision. Though the
captured stones valued more than 30 points, but I think it was
heavy for him to connect and it was possible that the whole group
will die. However, Piao Wenyao still came out ahead and won the
game by 2.5 points.

Park Yeonghun from Korea met Xie He from China in this second

The game developed well under a mini-chinese circumstance.
Xie He took territory in the left side and Park Yeonghun ended up
with upper board. Near the end, Park Yeonghun successfully got a ko
fight to determine whether white's group can survive or not.
Eventhough white won the ko, Park killed white in the upper right
and won the game by 1.5 points in the end.

Next we have Takao Shinji and Lee Changho.

The opening went quite well for Takao. At move 99, Takao sacrificed the right side in a ko fight, to built a moyo in the bottom. However, Lee Changho attacked
the moyo and Takao Shinji chose to secure the left side. The
decision put him in trouble, as his group went under fire. Takao
Shinji resigned at move 145 after Lee put more pressure to the
attacked group.

Yamashita Keigo, Kisei who seeded to second round met Qiu Jun from

Yamashita Keigo was attacked in the early game, however, he
successfully alive at move 101 and killed white's group. Qiu Jun
made a mistake at move 176. Allowing black to play at S18 and
killed white's corner. Qiu Jun resigned at move 179.

The biggest upset of the second round, came from Kono Rin from
Japan who beat Gu Li, the current world #1 player.

The game started with Kono Rin chose to play low chinese fuseki in the left side. A
fight started at right side when Gu Li started attacking Kono's
group. Kono seek a chance to alive with starting the ko fight at
move 117. The battle went pretty well for Kono Rin and he
successfully killed black's corner. Kono Rin beat the last Fujitsu's winner!