Sunday, April 12, 2009

Japan's Big Success at the First Round of the 22nd Fujitsu Cup

The 22nd Fujitsu Cup has been started in April 11. Overall, it's a big start for
Japan. Fujitsu cup is the oldest international go competition. It started at 1988 and
has been running for 22 years. This event is sponsored by Fujitsu and Yomiuri
Shimbun. The prize for first place is ¥15,000,000.

The Japanese players (minus Yamashita Keigo). from the closest: Cho U, Hane Naoki, Takao Shinji, Moriyama Naoki, Kono Rin, and Iyama Yuta

Here's the pairing for the first round:
Choi Cheolhan vs. Xie He
Fernand Aguilar vs. Cho U
Iyama Yuta vs. Weon Seongjin
Kono Rin vs. Kong Jie
Qiu Jun vs. Lin Zhihan
Takao Shinji vs. Zhou Ruiyang
Hane Naoki vs. Jie Li
Moriyama Naoki vs. Frans-Josef Dickhut

The first game is between Choi Cheolhan and Xie He.

Xie He played as black in this
game. The game was full of fighting. The battle started in move 65 as Xie He cut
Choi's group to two and put both in danger. Evenhough Choi Cheolhan successfully
saved both in the end, Xie already took enough territory to win the game. Choi
Cheolhan resigned at move 197.

Next game is between Cho U, the strongest player in Japan at the moment and Fernand
Aguilar. Fernand Aguilar has an impressive record in international tournament. He was
third placer in 28th World Amateur Go Championship. He also scored a record for
beating Hanasegawa Suneo, 9p in one of the international tournament.
However, Cho U, Meijin is too strong for Fernand Aguilar. Fernand Aguilar took white
in this game. The game was easy for Cho U. He successfully saved all of his group and
took big territory. Fernand Aguilar resigned at move 127.

On the other board, we have teenager prodigy, Iyama Yuta and the current Korean #5
player, Weon Seongjin.

Iyama played as white in this game. The game started well for
Weon as he successfully got thickness in the center and put 3 of Iyama's group in
danger. However, in move 96, Iyama successfully connected 2 of his group and revived
both at move 120. Weon Seongjin resigned at move 136 as his group on the left board
was killed by Iyama Yuta.

We have Kono Rin and Kong Jie on the other board. Kong Jie is one of the top 10 in
Chinese professional ranking. Kono Rin was known as Tengen title holder, until he
lost his title to Cho U last year.

Kono Rin played as white, while Kong Jie played as black in this game. The opening
was interesting. A ko started at move 142. It's a deciding ko whether black's group
on the left side will alive or not. In the end Kono Rin successfully killed it. Kong
Jie resigned at move 178

Qiu Jun and Lin Zhihan was playing each other in this first round. Lin Zhihan started
the game pretty well. However, his invasion at F3 is somewhat strange. He ended up
with a ko fight to revive his invading group. He lost the ko and resigned at move 166

Next, we Have Takao Shinji,Judan and Chinese prodigy teen, Zhou Ruiyang. Takao Shinji
played as white in this game. The game was difficult for Takao Shinji. Two of his
group were under attack in this game. He successfully saved one of the group in the
early game, but the last one went into a ko fight in the center. Zhou Ruiyang
resigned at move 186, after Takao saved the second group.

Hane Naoki and Jie Li played on the other board. Jie Li is a very strong amateur
player. He has very good result against pro players. Some pros that he beat are Zhang
Jujiu (9 dan), Jimmy Cha (4 dan), Feng Yun (9 dan), Suzuki Ayumi (was 3 dan), and
several more pros. One of his well known quote is "Go is very hard. The more I learn
about it, the less I know."

Jie Li played as white in this game. The game was not easy for Hane. However, I think
Jie Li misread when he cut at move 98. Hane capture the cutting stone and saved his
group. Jie Li resigned at move 237. Black leading was obvious!

On the last board, we have Moriyama Naoki and Frans-Josef Dickhut. Moriyama Naoki is,
perhaps, the most unknown player in this tournament. I didn't find any tournament
that he won in the past. He became 9 dan in 1994. Frans-Josef Dickhut is 6 dan player
from Germany.

He won the German Championship at 1992,1999,2000,2002-2004, and 2006.
He played in KGS at fj.
Moriyama played as black in this game. Black successfully took a moyo in the right
side. In early game and successfully alive at the upper board. I think it was an easy
game for him, as Frans didn't get many territory in this game.

Pairing for next round:
Kono Rin vs. Gu Li
Hane Naoki vs. Chang Hao
Cho U vs. Lee Sedol
Qiu Jun vs. Yamashita Keigo
Takao Shinji vs. Lee Changho
Xie He vs. Park Yeonghun
Iyama Yuta vs. Kang Dongyun
Moriyama Naoki vs. Piao Wenyao