Monday, October 13, 2008

Xie Yimin - Suzuki Ayumi, 1-1

Xie Yimin, Female Honinbo, able to draw the position in the 27th Female Honinbo title match.

The game was played in October 8, 2008. At Chiyoda, Tokyo

Playing as white, Xie Yimin was able to forced Suzuki Ayumi, the challenger to resign in 128 moves.

I admit that Xie Yimin played a very impressive game this time. The gap was very big.

I found that her move 18, was pretty good. It forced Suzuki Ayumi to play R14 which is a mistake in direction, since it made Xie naturally played R7. Because the extension is far from black's enclosure, it made black thin while it didn't put any pressure to white's stones
Xie Yimin (W) vs. Suzuki Ayumi (B), up to move 52