Monday, October 13, 2008

Cho U Tie Himself to Iyama Yuta

Cho U, Meijin won the fourth title match of 33rd Meijin. It made him tie with 2-2 score with Iyama Yuta, the challenger.

The game was played in October 8-9, 2008 at Atami, shizuoka

Playing white, Cho U forced Iyama to resigned in 167 moves.

The opening was unusual. Usually white play at hoshi instead of sansan (move 4) at this kind of opening.
Cho U(W) vs. Iyama Yuta (B), up to move 52

I wonder if move 159 is actually needed. Because that move allowed white to play move 162 which was the winning tesuji.

The next game will be very interesting. Whoever win it will have 3 win and will make game 6 become very decisive.