Friday, October 3, 2008

27th Female Honinbo, Title Match #1

This year title match for the Female Honinbo title had been played.

Xie Yimin, Female Honinbo, is challanged by Suzuki Ayumi 4 dan.

The first match was played at October first, in Hanamaki, Iwate.

Suzuki Ayumi won the first match by resignation.

The game was peaceful. There were no big fight in this game. I don't understand Suzuki Ayumi's choice of playing B 15 when Xie played C 17. It seems that she wanted to keep the group separated, but it seems (for me) that taking the corner is bigger. Anyone kind enough to tell me the reason?

Until October 3, Suzuki Ayumi was ranked 11 in Japanese most won record, with 24 win and 9 loss with impressive 73% winning rate, while Xie Yimin was ranked 16 with 21 win and 13 loss with 62% winning rate.

Suzuki Ayumi

Xie Yimin doesn't do very well until now. Last year, she was ranked third with 40 win and16loss with 71% winning rate. AtOctober 3, she was ranked 15 with 22 win and 14 loss with 61% winning rate

Xie Yimin

But it is still October. We should see the end result in December.