Saturday, December 10, 2011

SportAccord World Mind Championship Starts!

The SportAccord World Mind Championship started at December 9. The multinational tournament is held to celebrate the mind games. I'm not talking about the kind of game your partner (wife, husband, gf, bf) often plays to you, but I'm talking about bridge, chess, draughts, xiangqi, and our favorite game of course, go.
SAWMC starts!
In the go section, 6 countries (actually 4 countries and 2 continents) will play in two categories, mixed team and mixed pair. The mixed team consists of 4 male players and 1 female while the mixed pair is the usual mixed rengo with 1 male and 1 female play for each team.

The participants are:
Mixed team: Gu Li, Kong Jie, Piao Wenyao, Xie He, Li He, Liu Simin (captain)
Mixed pair: Piao Wenyao-Li He

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
Mixed team: Chen Shiyuan, Zhou Junxun, Xiao Zhenghao, Wang Yuanjun, Hei Jiajia, Ying Minghaw (captain)
Mixed pair: Zhou Junxun-Hei Jiajia

Mixed team: Cornel Burzo, Christian Pop, Jan Simara, Catalin Taranu, Vanessa Wong, Martin Stiassny (captain)
Mixed pair: Catalin Taranu-Vanessa Wong

Mixed team: Yamashita Keigo, Yamashiro Hiroshi, Ogata Masaki, Sakai Hideyuki, Mukai Chiaki, Ko Reibun (captain)
Mixed pair: Yamashita Keigo- Mukai Chiaki

Mixed team: Lee Sedol, Park Junghwan, Lee Younggu, Choi Cheolhan, Kim Hyeoyimin, Cho Kyubyeong (captain)
Mixed pair: Choi Cheolhan- Kim Hyeoyimin

United States of America
Mixed team: Jang Mingjiu, Liu Zhiyuan, Lie Ji, Huang Ke, Feng Yun, Andrew Okun (captain)
Mixed pair: Li Jie- Feng Yun

I don't know why, but it seems that Japan doesn't go all out this time. Yamashita Keigo and Mukai Chiaki are solid choice, but the other 3 doesn't really sound for me in international event. China and Korea play their best players (though I prefer Park Jieun or Cho Hyeyeon over Kim Hyeoyimin), while Taiwan sets the youngest age average (22 y.o average). Japan and USA are the oldest team (both with 39 y.o average).

The event looks interesting and I'm looking forward for any surprises during the events :D

Ooh... They use go instead of weiqi...
Traditional instruments playing contemporary music
Children took part in the opening too

There is Byeongeom, a China top concert
Also an acrobatic attraction at the opening
Here is the drawing board

Who will win the gold medal at the mixed pair?
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