Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yamashita Leads Meijin by 3-1

The fourth game of the 36th Meijin was played on October 5-6. Yamashita Keigo, the challenger, was leading the series by 2-1. At the fourth game, Iyama Yuta Meijin played black while Yamashita Keigo Honinbo played white.

Iyama opened the game with a High Chinese Fuseki. Later, the young Meijin aimed to play at the right side and at the bottom, giving a big upper left corner to Yamashita in the process. Day 1 ended with Yamashit Keigo did the sealing move for white 46.

Yamashita handling his sealed move.

Day 2 continued with exchanges played all over the board. Yamashita invaded black's right side, while Iyama invaded white's bottom left area. Iyama resigned at white 198. The move forced Iyama to connect with N7 and O7, and give white a chance to attack black's bottom right corner and get sente.

Yamashita is one step closer to the title.

With this victory, Yamashita leads the series by 3-1. One more victory and he will get the title! The fifth game will be played on October 13-14.

Will Iyama win this kadoban?

Here is the game record:
Yamashita Keigo (white) vs. Iyama Yuta (black). Result: W+R

EV[36th Meijin title match 4]
PW[Yamashita Keigo]
PB[Iyama Yuta]


stevensenger said...

Thanks so much for posting these game records; it's a really exciting time!

Biondy said...

you're welcome :)