Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Xie Yimin Defended Female Honinbo

The 30th Female Honinbo was settled. Xie Yimin is once again crowned as the Female Honinbo after she beat Mukai Chiaki at the fourth game. Xie played black in this game, while Mukai played white.

Mukai Chiaki (left) vs. Xie Yimin (right)

The game opened with micro chinese fuseki. Mukai's approach with white 10 is rather new. Usually white will play at R13 or Q13 here. Xie's response with black 13 makes white's formation on the right looks weak. Black 45 is a good move, using black's wall on the right side to create a big framework. Mukai Chiaki resigned after 159 moves.

This is the fifth consecutive years Xie win Female Honinbo. Making her the female player with best title streak for Female Honinbo.

Xie Yimin defended her title once again.

This is the second consecutive years Mukai Chiaki lost to Xie in Female Honinbo title series. 

Here is the game record:
Xie Yimin (black) vs. Mukai Chiaki (white). Result: B+R

EV[30th Female Honinbo title match 4]
PW[Mukai Chiaki]
BR[Female Honinbo]
PB[Xie Yimin]