Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yamashita Keigo Won Game 3

The 36th Meijin title match continued with the third game played on September 21-22. This time, Yamashita Keigo (the challenger) played black while Iyama Yuta Meijin played white.

Yamashita opened the game with Low Chinese Fuseki. Iyama answered it with F3 and Yamashita answered it with O16, an unusual move. Iyama invaded black's right side with white 32, but soon found himself in a mess. Iyama then sealed his move for white 58.

Yamashita (left) started the third game. 

Day 2 continued with Iyama's sealed move revealed to be S8. Iyama tried to start a ko fight, but Yamashita avoided it and let Iyama split his groups. Yamashita played convincingly to save his groups and launched a successful counter attack.

Iyama started a ko fight with white 176 and did a mistake by playing white 178 and 180 instead of saving his group with L19. Yamashita harassed the group and Iyama resigned soon. With this victory, Yamashita is leading the seried by 2-1. The fourth game will be played on October 5-6.

Yamashita (left) took the lead from the young Meijin. Will Iyama won game 4 and equalize the score?

Here is the game record:
Yamashita Keigo (black) vs. Iyama Yuta (white). Result: B+R

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]GN[Rated game]EV[36th Japanese Meijin, game 3] DT[2011-09-21,22]PB[Yamashita Keigo]BR[9p]PW[Iyama Yuta]WR[9p]KM[6.5]RE[B+R]MULTIGOGM[1] ;B[pd];W[dd];B[pq];W[dp];B[qk];W[fq];B[nd];W[fc];B[dj];W[lp];B[np];W[dl];B[fk];W[lc] ;B[dg];W[le];B[mc];W[re];B[lb];W[qd];B[pe];W[qf];B[qc];W[rc];B[qb];W[qh];B[gp];W[gq] ;B[ip];W[ln];B[nn];W[qq];B[qp];W[pp];B[po];W[rp];B[op];W[qo];B[qr];W[pp];B[rq];W[qp] ;B[rr];W[pn];B[pm];W[qm];B[on];W[pl];B[qn];W[rn];B[ql];W[pn];B[om];W[oo];B[rm];W[in] ;B[gn];W[rl];B[qn];W[ej];B[qm];W[ek];B[jq];W[hq];B[io];W[jo];B[il];W[fo];B[go];W[hm] ;B[gl];W[hl];B[hk];W[ik];B[jl];W[hj];B[gk];W[gm];B[fm];W[jn];B[fn];W[ij];B[ll];W[lr] ;B[dn];W[mo];B[no];W[jr];B[kq];W[lq];B[ko];W[km];B[jk];W[kp];B[fi];W[ei];B[gi];W[eg] ;B[ji];W[jc];B[ef];W[fh];B[cf];W[ff];B[dh];W[eh];B[hh];W[bd];B[ck];W[cl];B[bl];W[bm] ;B[bk];W[em];B[en];W[cm];B[cp];W[co];B[bo];W[cq];B[cn];W[bp];B[bn];W[ee];B[pg];W[qg] ;B[ce];W[cd];B[kc];W[kd];B[ld];W[kb];B[lc];W[jd];B[hf];W[nr];B[or];W[rj];B[jf];W[kf] ;B[ib];W[jb];B[hd];W[hc];B[ic];W[id];B[gc];W[hb];B[gb];W[ia];B[gd];W[fb];B[fd];W[fl] ;B[el];W[hg];B[ig];W[gg];B[gf];W[fl];B[gh];W[fg];B[el];W[di];B[dm];W[ci];B[ec];W[eb] ;B[db];W[dc];B[fa];W[ed];B[ea];W[ec];B[dk];W[ga];B[ha];W[rk];B[ga];W[sm];B[ka];W[kg] ;B[mg];W[mf];B[lg];W[jh];B[ih];W[ng];B[nf];W[of];B[ne];W[ki];B[lh];W[kh];B[li];W[kj] ;B[lk])