Thursday, September 15, 2011

Iyama Even The Score

The 36th Meijin continues to game 2 at September 14-15. Yamashita Keigo won game 1 but Iyama was able to calm down and won game 2 to even the score.

Iyama who played black opened the game with a Low Chinese formation. Iyama tried to save his stones with black 19. The result looks good enough for black, but then came white 40 and 42 which created a sharp fight at the left side. Iyama ended day 1 by sealing his move for black 57.

Iyama sealed the move.

Day 2 continued with Iyama playing his sealed move, H6. Iyama aimed at white's weak group to helped his own weak group. The fight was successful for black white was forced to invade black's moyo with white 126. Yamashita's invading group soon became floating and Iyama closed the game at move 179. Yamashita resigned  because he doesn't have enough threats to win the ko fight

Yamashita Keigo (left) vs. Iyama Yuta (right)

Here is the game record:
Iyama Yuta (black) vs. Yamashita Keigo (white). Result: B+R

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]EV[36th Japanese Meijin, game 2]DT[2011-09-14,15]
PB[Iyama Yuta]BR[Meijin]PW[Yamashita Keigo]WR[Honinbo]KM[6.5]HA[0]RE[B+R]MULTIGOGM[1]

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