Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rui Naiwei Defended Female Myeongin

Rui Naiwei is still the strongest female player in Korea. Eventhough there are many young and strong players, it seems that no one will able to break Rui's domination for awhile.

Cho Hyeyeon (left) vs. Rui Naiwei (right)

The third game was played at February 18. The score was 1-1 and the winner of this match will take it all.

The game was very solid. Both players played solid move like white 38, white 54, and black 61. The game was even for most of the time, but Rui later strongly attacked white's group and got a big advantage from the attacking. Cho resigned at move 205.

This is Rui's seventh consecutive Female Myeongin and tenth in collective. Only 2 other players ever held this title. They were Park Jieun in 2000 and Cho Hyeyeon in 2004. Also interesting is, Cho Hyeyeon has a total of 8 Female Myeongin title match series and it was all against Rui. Cho only success once in 2004.

Rui Naiwei

Here is the game record:
Rui Naiwei (black) vs. Cho Hyeyeon (white). Result: B+R

EV[12th Female Myeongin title match 3]
PW[Cho Hyeyeon]
BR[Female Myeongin]
PB[Rui Naiwei]

Or you can download it here.


sixko said...

Is somewhere can download sgf of this game?

Biondy said...

i've added a download link. enjoy :)