Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Qisheng Top 8

The 3rd Qisheng Cup is already at its first stage eventhough one player is still not decided for the top 16.

Four players managed to go to the second stage by winning their games at October 24.

The pairings:
Wang Yuanjun (B) vs. Jian Lichen (W). Result:B+0.5

Jian Lichen (left) vs. Wang Yuanjun (black)

Lin Junyan (W) vs. Xia Daming (B). Result: B+

Zhao Peizhe (W) vs. Lin Yuxiang (B). Result: W+R

Lin Yuxiang (left) vs. Zhao Peizhe (right)

Hei Jiajia (W) vs. Lin Xiuping (B). Result: W+R

Near camera: Lin Junyan (left) vs. Xia Daming (right). Far: Hei Jiajia (left) vs. Lin Xiuping (right)
I'm glad that Hei Jiajia still won. I believe became the runner up at Qionglong Cup gave her a lot of moral booster.


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