Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kang Dongyun's Victory

The final game of the 22nd Fujitsu Cup had been played. The "old tiger" Lee Changho met the "new star" Kang Dongyun.

Kang Dongyun played white in this game, while Lee Changho played as black.

The opening up to move 9 was exactly the same as Lee Changho vs. Chang Hao game.

Board position up to move 55

Chang Hao decided to played hane at S13 in that game, while Kang decided to play hane from Q13 in this game. White's joseki choice in the game is rare. Tsugi at Q14 is usual
if white is in the bottom right, but it was black's corner in this game. White's move at 124 was good, since it established white's territories, while prevent black to jump into white's area.

Kang Dongyun won the game by 2.5 points. This seems to be Kang's first international title. Congratulation for him!