Friday, July 24, 2009

Aoki Kikuyo to Challenge For the 28th Japanese Female Honinbo

Aoki Kikuyo (8 dan) got the right to challenge Xie Yimin, the current Female Honinbo title holder, by defeating
Ishii Akane (1 dan) in the final of the challenger decision match by resignation.

The game started by Ishii who played as black, opened the game by playing Lei fuseki. Early in the game (at move 61) black entered
white's bottom left corner and tried to survive inside. At the first glance, I think it was better to played A5 instead of blocking at B9,
however if white played A2, it will become a flower ko for white and at the same time, black put her left group in danger. So I think what black did
in the game was good, but the outcome was still favorable for white.

Board position up to move 88

After 230 moves, Aoki Kikuyo won the game by resignation.

Aoki Kikuyo is a veteran in go world. She already has many titles in the past. She won Female Saikyo in 2001, she held Female Meijin for 5 times (1990,1999-2000,2002,2006),
she is 4 times (1991-1992,1994,2000) Female Kakusei champion, and also she became runner-up in Shinjin-O tournament in 1997 losing to Yamada Kimio.

Aoki Kikuyo

Ishii Akane is a newcomer in pro world. She became shodan in August 2007. So far I think this is her best achievement.

Ishii Akane

This is Aoki's first time to be challenger for the Female Honinbo title. She will play Xie Yimin, one of the best female player in Japan at the moment.
Earlier this year, Xie beat Chinen Kaori, one of the go veteran to defend her Female Meijin title. I wonder if Aoki Kikuyo can beat Xie. The first game will be played in October 1st.