Saturday, March 7, 2009

Umezawa Yukari Defend Female Kisei

After lost the second game, Umezawa Yukari, Female Kisei, won the third game along with the title.

The third game is fiercer than the second game. In the early stage, Umezawa's weak group was attacked. Umezawa Yukari made an eye shape with sacrificing three stones at move 77. But the group wasn't yet alive. The battle continued with a ko fight started at move 110. This ko fight was very important for Umezawa. She must won this ko, or she'll lost two groups of stones.
At move 120, Umezawa finally can save one of her group. winning the ko by capturing 2 stones with J19. But one of her cluster is not yet alive. At the same time, the game was not easy for Kato Keiko. Letting Umezawa to save one group, she chased the big cluster by putting her group into danger and fight for the second ko at L19. A kill or killed ko.

board position up to move 105

Fifty two moves later, Umezawa won the ko and killed Kato's group. Kato Keiko resigned at move 286. White's leading was obvious. Umezawa Yukari was leading about 10 points on he board.

With this victory, Umezawa Yukari already hold the title for the last 3 years. She took the title 3 years ago from Mannami Kana. Female Kisei is the only title Umezawa Yukari ever has and the only big title where she was ever become the challenger.