Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Go Softwares

These are some go softwares that I have tried:

I think MultiGo is one of the best go software. It is light (1.6Mb) and can open all (so far as I know) go format. It can open the usual .sgf and game format from IGS and CyberOro (which is not .SGF) and more formats.

Drago is a very good software. It has database function where you can put many games and then using kombilo to find pattern that you want. Very good for reviewing your games

TurboGo is a go software with joseki database which I find very handy to used for either begginner and advance players. It also has a screen saver function. The only problem that I know is that it's a trial program. You can use it whenever the trial has end, but you will need to wait several minutes, before it starts.

WinHonte is a software that I used very much when I started playing go. It is also featured by 6 level AI (Artificial Intelligent). But since it's a trial version, level 2 and above only featured in the first 100 moves, and then it'll change to level 1 after that.


reico said...

I recommend StoneBase, a freeware on Windows platform, developed by a Chinese fan. It's a go database management software and you can also edit and replay sgf.

It has very rich functions and beautiful interface. Most important, it provide a very rich database collection of go games,lessons,problems(but all in chinese, GBK or BIG5 encode, though its interface support english).

It's veryt popular in Chinese fans and absolutely worth a try.

Biondy said...

Hi reico! thank you for your suggestion :D

I've download it and I think it's a good software. I also downloaded the db.

the only problem is, it seems that the comment in db is not English, so I cant read it (I even cant see the character)

reico said...

Yes. The comment is Chinese. So you can see the catagories of db? If not, I will suggest the author to add english support for the catagory.

The character can be seen in GBK encode.

I think you can export the games and use MultiGo to see the character(set qipu's encode as GBK).

Biondy said...

hmm... How to export the games from the database? I can't open the database with MultiGo4.