Friday, February 20, 2009

Japan Lost Nongshim Cup

The third stage of 10th Nongshim Cup was started February 17.

Japan's last player, the current Judan title holder, Takao Shinji lost to China's captain, Chang Hao.

Takao Shinji (left) vs. Chang Hao (right)

Taking white, Takao Shinji resigned at move 207. I think the gap is about 15 points on the board.

The game's progress is up to move 72

The opening is quite unique. White 18 is a modern and rare answer to the 2 spaces high pincer.
Chang Hao's answer at move 25 is a new answer (which I personally think is not a good answer). Usually black will answer at K4 instead of N2. However, I think the opening is slightly better for black.

The three captains. From left to right: Takao Shinji, Lee Changho, Chang Hao. As usual, Lee doesn't smile :)

With this lost, Japan's eliminated from the cup. Next is Chang Hao vs. Lee Sedol.