Friday, February 20, 2009

China Down To Last Player

After a won from Takao Shinji, Chang Hao from China was defeated by Korea's #1 player, Lee Sedol.

This time, Chang Hao played as white and Lee Sedol played as black.
Chang Hao (left) vs. Lee Sedol (right)

My first question of the game came from Chang Hao's move at move 20, which is disadvantageous due to black's advantageous ladder. Perhaps Chang Hao wanted to play a threatening ladder breaker move later, but didn't get the opportunity to.
Game progress is up to move 75

The battle began after Lee played move 27. The battle in the right side is difficult for both side, but in the end, Chang Hao able to save the big group, however I think the game is still better for Lee, since he gained some thickness to the center.

The second fight started at move 100, when Chang Hao, again, try to survive inside Lee Sedol's moyo. In the end. Chang Hao able to connect the group to his upper right corner, but Lee took sente in exchange.

Chang Hao resigned in move 169, after he failed to kill Lee's group in the left side.

With this, China is down to Gu Li, while Korea still have the two Lee.