Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's Talk About: Lee Changho

Yi Ch'ang-ho or well known as Lee Changho, was born in July 29, 1975. He is the disciple of the 16 concecutive years Paewang title holder, Cho Hun-hyeon (or also known as Cho Hunhyun).

Lee turned pro at the age of 11 and at the age of 15, he started to won the title that his teacher won. At 1992, Lee won his first international title, the 3rd Tong Yang Cup.With his win against Hane Naoki (the current Honinbo title holder) at the Chunlan Cup, Lee Changho has won every single international tournament at least twice, except World Oza and Ing Cup (which he only won once). By 2007, he is a 12 concecutive years Wangwi title holder, An achievement that only beaten by Cho Hun-hyeon, his teacher and Ma Xiaochun (who won 13 Mingren titles).

Among the go fans, Lee is nicknamed "Stone Buddha". It comes from the fact that he always keep a straight face and never smile no frown during the match. The nickname also represent his playing style. Lee doesn't attack much or play "crazy go". Instead, his playing style is peaceful and defensive. He often win without deep conflict, letting his opponent to make mistakes and he doesn't show emotion change, win or lose.

It was said by his first teacher that he would always play brilliant moves. When he became Cho Hun-hyeon's diciple. At first, Cho doubt about Lee's go talent. But Cho found out that Lee is a great learner and a deep thinker.

During his studies under Cho, Lee stopped trying to played brilliant moves. Instead he became the master of "common" moves. Lee prefer to play safe move, which he can read further and deeper, instead of brilliant or stunning moves, which he also can't read further.

Right now, Lee is challanged by new generation. He is seriously being challanged by Lee Sedol. According to Kim Seungjoon, 7d, Yi loses his composure because he is no longer guaranteed by his old playing style. More and more young Korean players are as good as him in positional judgement, reading ability, and yose (endgame). Lee pursues a new playing style. A battle ready style. In the process, he makes much mistakes and psychological lapses.

Lee has a series of book, called Li Chang Ho Jingjiang Weiqi Sihuo (Lee Changho's Life and Death). They are 6 volumes life & death books.

In one of the interview with GOAMA newsletter (, Lee said that his future goals are showing good records at international tounament and find a more suitable sport than tennis for him.

Lee Changho's record:
Won 41st Wangwi
Won Sibdang Cup
Won 26th KBS Cup
Won Zhonghuan Cup (an international tournament)

Won 40th Wangwi
Won 3rd Etland Cup
Won 49th Kuksu
Won 1st Siptan Cup

Yoda Norimoto (W) vs. Lee Changho (B) in the 5th CSK Asian Cup, round 1, W+2.5

Won 39th Wangwi
Won 5th Chunlan Cup
Member of winning Team Korea in the 6th Nongshim Cup Qualified for Team Korea for the 7th Nongshim Cup
Won 2nd Etland Cup

Won 8th LG Cup
Member of winning Team Korea in the 5th Nongshim Cup
Won 38th Wangwi
Won 9th GS Caltex Cup
Won 23rd KBS Cup

Runner-up in 7th LG Cup
Won 4th Chunlan Cup
Won 1st Toyota Denso Cup
Member of winning Team Korea in the 4th Nongshim Cup
Won 37th Wangwi
Won 14th Kiseong
Won 35th Myeongin

Member of winning Team Korea in the 3rd Nongshim Cup
Won 36th Wangwi
Won 13th Kiseong
Won 46th Kuksu
Won 21st KBS Cup
Won 34th Myeongin

Won 4th Ing Cup
Won 5th LG Cup
Member of winning Team Korea in the 2nd Nongshim Cup
Won 35th Wangwi
Won 12th Kiseong
Won 45th Kuksu
Won 20th KBS Cup
Won 33rd Myeongin
Won 38th Paewang

Member of winning Team Korea in the 1st Nongshim Cup
Won 34th Wangwi
Won 11th Kiseong
Won 32nd Myeongin
Won 37th Paewang

Won 4th Samsung Cup
Won 3rd Samsung Cup
Won 3rd LG Cup
Runner-up in the 1st Chunlan Cup
Won 33rd Wangwi
Won 10th Kiseong
Won 4th Ch'eonweon
Won 31st Myeongin

Won 11th Fujitsu Cup
Won 9th Tong Yang Securities Cup
Won 32nd Wangwi
Won 9th Kiseong
Won 3rd Ch'eonweon
Won 17th KBS Cup
Won 30th Myeongin

Won 2nd Samsung Cup
Won 1st LG Cup
Won 31st Wangwi
Won 8th Kiseong
Won 41st Kuksu
Won 2nd Ch'eonweon

Won 9th Fujitsu Cup
Won 7th Tong Yang Securities Cup
Won 30th Wangwi Won 7th Kiseong
Won 40th Kuksu
Won 1st Ch'eonweon
Won 28th Myeongin

Runner-up in 20th Kiwang (as a 9-dan)
Won 29th Wangwi
Won 6th Kiseong
Won 39th Kuksu
Won 27th Myeongin

Won 19th Kiwang (as a 7-dan)
Won 5th Kiseong
Won 38th Kuksu
Won 13th KBS Cup
Won 26th Myeongin
Won 31st Paewang

Won 4th Tong Yang Securities Cup
Won 18th Kiwang (as a 6-dan)
Won 4th Kiseong
Won 37th Kuksu
Won 25th Myeongin
Won 30th Paewang

Won 3rd Tong Yang Securities Cup
Won 24th Myeongin

Runner-up in 2nd Tong Yang Securities Cup
Won 11th KBS Cup
Won 23rd Myeongin

Won 24th Wangwi
Won 34th Kuksu

Won 8th KBS Cup

Right now he is at the semi-final of the 6th Ing Cup

Lee Changho (W) vs. Lee Sedol (B) in the 6th Ing Cup, semi-final 1 W+R