Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's Talk About: Gu Li

Gu Li is one of the strongest player in the world. As in September 5, 2008 he was at number 3 of world tournament's win-loss.

Gu Li was born in February 3, 1982. He became pro in 1995 and reached 9p status in April 2006 when he beat Chen Yaoye in final of 10th LG Cup and became the youngest Chinese player ever to win any international tournament.
His given name Li, literally meaning strength, is also a term in go which roughly translated "the ability of reading". Li also encompasses the meaning of the ability to discover strong moves and the ability to fight. Gu was nicknamed Gu Da Li. Da literally means large, big or huge. This refers to Gu's incredible ability at playing really strong moves that require sharp instinct as well immaculate reading.

Here is the list of his achievements:

In 1999, final four of 1st Ahan Tongshan Cup.
In 2001, won China 8th New Pro Wang champion, the challenger final of 8th Qiwang title and final four of 14th Mingren title.
In 2002, won champion of 2nd Liguang Cup and 2nd National Sports Mass Meeting, winner of China-Korea New Pro Wang dual meet, second place of 1st Bawang title and final four of 7th NEC Cup.
In 2003, won 17th Tianyuan Title and winner of 7th China-Korea Tengen confrontation, won 5th Ahan Tongshan Cup champion.

In 2004, won the champion of 9th NEC Cup and successfully defended his Tianyuan title.
In 2004, won 16th CCTV Cup champion and defeated Kato Masao in the 5th China-Japan Agon Cup Dual Meet, the winner of 8th China-Korea Tengen Dual Meet, and won 17th Mingren title by 3:0.
In 2005, won the champion of the 12th Xinren Wang, successfully defended his Tianyuan title, and won 7th Ahan Tongshan Cup.
In 2006, won 11th NEC Cup champion, successfully defended his Mingren title by defeating Yu Bin 9p in the final, and beat Iyama Yuta in the 7th China-Japan Agon Cup Dual Meet.
In 2006, won 10th LG Cup champion and successfully defended his Mingren Title again by defeating Zhou Ruiyang 3:0.
In 2007, won 6th Chunlan Cup champion.In 2007, achieved the 5th consecutive Tianyuan Title and the 4th consecutive Mingren Title.

Gu Li (W) vs. Ding Wei (B) at the 20th Chinese Mingren, Title Match #2, W+R

In 2008, won 13th NEC Cup champion, 4th Chang-ki Cup champion, successfully defended his Tianyuan title again and won the 21st Fujitsu Cup champion.
Gu Li is very well known for his agressive playing style and his good ability at invading.

In mid 2007, Gu was in his playing slump. Many believe this is due to his father's recent death. However, he soon back in shape and won many tournaments, domestically and internationally.

Gu Li (B) vs. Han Sanghoon (W) at the LG Cup's second round, W+R

Right now, he is at the final of Toyota&Denso cup. He will play against his countryman, Piao Wenyao, for the title.

Gu Li (B) vs. Cho U (W) in the semi-final of 4th Toyota&Denso Cup, B+R


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