Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7th Chunlan Cup

Bad news for Japan’s go world from the 7th Chunlan Cup.

All of Japan’s representatives in the cup lose.

After hard first match for Japan, (all of the representatives lose, except Takao Shinji), the one and only representative lose to Kong Jie at the second round.

Here is the first round list:

1. Wang Yao 6p (B) vs. Kono Rin 9p (W) Result: B+R
2. Jimmy Cha 4p (B) vs. Imamura Toshiya 9p (W) Result: B+R
3. Won Sungjin 9p (B) vs. Pop Christian 7d (W) Result: B+R
4. Kobayashi Satoru 9p (B) vs. Chen Yaoye 9p (W) Result: W+R
5. Chen Shiyuan 7p (B) vs. Wang Xi 9p (W) Result: W+R
6. Ding Wei 9p (B) vs. Yoda Norimoto 9p (W) Result: B+R
7. Zhang Li 4p (B) vs. Takao Shinji 9p (W) Result: W+R
8. Zhou Junxun 9p (B) vs. Mok Jinseok 9p (W) Result :W+5.5

Here is the second round list:

1. Lee Changho 9p (B) vs. Chen Yaoye 9p (W) Result: B+3.5
2. Lee Sedol 9p (B) vs. Ding Wei 9p (W) Result: W+R
3. Gu Li 9p (B) vs. Weon Seongjin 9p (W) Result: B+R
4. Mok Jinseok 9p (B) vs. Zhou Heyang 9p (W) Result: W+R
5. Jimmy Cha 4p (B) vs. Huang Yizhong 6p (W) Result: W+5.5
6. Xie He 7p (B) vs. Wang Xi 9p (W) Result: B+R
7. Chang Hao 9p (B) vs. Wang Yao 6p (W) Result: B+R
8. Takao Shinji 9p (B) vs. Kong Jie 7p (W) Result: W+5.5

Takao Shinji vs. Kong Jie, first 31 moves

But Japan is luckier than Taiwan. Japan made it to second round, while all Taiwan players ( Chen Shiyuan and Zhou Junxun ) didn't manage to the second round.

Korea also in trouble. Only Lee Changho left, after other players defeated by China.
It seems that China will win this tournament. But we must wait ‘til the end to know the result.