Monday, March 24, 2008

19th Korean Kiseong, Title Match #1

Kiseong is a title in Korea which equal to Japanese Kisei.
This year, The Kiseong title holder, Park Yeonghun 9p is challenged by Paek Hongseok 5p who defeat Lee Sedol 9p by 0.5 moku in challenger decision match. They will battle in a best of 5 match.
Park Yeonghun (left) vs. Paek Hongseok (right)
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The first game was played at March, 21 with Yeonghun as black and Hongseok as white and ended by Black victory.

I like black’s move (move 67), where black successfully invade white moyo and made the group alive.

First 67 moves

The game was still close at the end, but I don’t think white has the chance to turn the table around.